Fossil Gifts

There are few gifts that can spark the imagination like slim christmas tree Fossil Gifts. Being able to give a friend or a family member a present that is hundreds of millions of years old is an experience that neither one of you will ever forget. Whether you have never heard of anything but the most popular dinosaurs or whether you know all the geologic ages like the back of your hand, you can be sure that giving fossils as a present is an excellent way to both promote fun and learning. Read more about xmas trees artificial.

How Fossils Are Made

It is more complicated to create a fossil than simply leaving bones in the ground for millions of years. Most bones, if buried, will biodegrade over the course of only a few thousand years, meaning that the vast majority of ancient dinosaurs, animals, and plants will never be found. Only a few come to us through history in the form of fossils. This is because fossils are only made when there is enough rock material covering up the bones to eliminate their ability to degrade. When an animal is covered in rock, mud, or sand, there is no air or bacteria that can break down their bones. As such, over the course of millions of years, these bones become harder as they absorb the minerals of the stones about them and turn into stone themselves. This process is the same whether you are looking at an entire T-Rex skeleton or just a fossil of a dragonfly.

What Types Are Available

As you can imagine, very large Fossil Gifts are more expensive than the simple fossils pulled out of the ground. It is very difficult to get your hands on true dinosaur bones, since most are kept in museums for research and analysis, but there are several ways you can ensure that you get great fossils to give as gifts. Many of the inexpensive fossils are those that have been found many times before, such as insects and plants. Fossils of ants or beetles from hundreds of millions of years ago can be purchased for only a few dollars, since scientists know about as much as they can from these pieces. Small fish, the size of a finger or so, can also be found and bought in fossil form.

How To Give A Gift

Giving Fossil Gifts is best for those who have a real passion for learning about science and the past. Kids especially love these since they are a direct link to the eon when monsters roamed the Earth. They can be used as a center piece in a home, put above a fireplace or a kitchen table, or placed in a collector's book to be pulled out for everyone to see.